August 22-24 Tourney of the Foxes Both
September 12-14 Coronation Both
September 19-21 Crossroads Sabine
September 26-28 Meridian Grand Tournament Both
October 3-5 Red Tower Both
October 10-12 Crown List Both
October 24-26 Gatalop Both
October 31 - November 2 Panhandle Skirmishes Kenneth
November 7-9 Fighter's Collegium Both
November 13-16 Castle Wars Both
December 5-7 Magna Faire Both

We are pleased to have the privilege of serving Meridies as Heirs. As we believe it is the people who make this Kingdom the richest in the Known world, We shall endeavor to travel and share time with as many of the populace as possible.

While We look forward to the long and prosperous reign of TRM Adehmar and Sorcha, We plan for a future, should anything unfortunate become of them.

The theme for Our reign will be 6th Century Anglo Saxon Briton, with focus on the fashions of Kent during this time. As Sabine was a Frankish princess, who came to Britain to marry the Anglo Saxon prince Kenneth, there will be a heavy continental influence to the style. It would please Us greatly to have the populace join Us in this fashion whim.


Kenneth Grey

Food/ Drink Likes:

  • All meats (mmm, bacon)
  • Cheeses – Cheddar, American, Colby, Parmesean
  • Crackers
  • Fruits – apples, bananas, grapes, melon, strawberries
  • Chocolate
  • Oatmeal Rasin Cookies
  • Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans, Pistachios
  • Sweet tea
  • Water
  • Coke, Mtn. Dew
  • Apple & Orange juice
  • Woodchuck Amber Cider

Food/Drink Dislikes:

  • Seafood, Fish, Shellfish
  • Most berries & grapefruit
  • Olives, pickled anything
  • Dates, Figs
  • Stinky cheeses
  • Hummus
  • Coffee
  • Beer, Mead, Wine


  • Fighting
  • Socializing
  • More Fighting

Sabine d'Orliens

Sabine attempts a low carb, low sugar diet, and avoids wheat

Food/ Drink Likes:
  • Most Meats
  • Cheeses – Cheddar, Colby, Brie,
  • Parmesean, Asiago
  • Most veggies, especially raw veggies at lunchtime
  • Fruits – apples, bananas, grapes, melon, strawberries
  • Rice crackers
  • Nuts
  • Water
  • Coke Zero
  • Woodchuck Amber Cider
  • Coffee with real cream, and Truvia sweetner

Food/Drink Dislikes:

  • Wild Game (no bunnies, bambi, or squirrels please)
  • Mayonaise or anything containing mayonaise
  • Mustard
  • Pears
  • Mussels, oysters, scallops
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Blue Cheese
  • Hummus
  • Beer, Wine


  • Sewing and Costuming
  • Cooking
  • Nailbinding
  • Jewelry & glass bead making
  • Inkle & tablet weaving

Gift Ideas

If you wish to honor Their Highnesses with a gift, please consider these ideas:

  • Items for Largesse (cast buttons, glass beads, trinkets)
  • Handmade items for gift baskets (woven trim, embroidered items, metalwork)

Their Highnesses greatly support the arts and wish to showcase the works of the many wonderful artisans of our Kingdom when giving gifts to other Royalty.


TRH Kenneth & Sabine
Jon & Amy Hicks

Chancellor: THL Katerina filia Jehan
MKA - Kathryn Johnson

Travel Coordinator: Mistress Flannait inghean ui h’Eighnigh
MKA – Tani Mough