Gulf War March 15-22, 2015 Both
Coronation April 10-12, 2015 Both
Dream Stone April 17-19, 2015 Both
Fool's War April 24-26, 2015 Both
Trimarian Tourney of Champions May 8-10, 2015 Both
Border Raids May 15-17, 2015 Both
Kingdom A&S/Spring Crown list May 22-25, 2015 Both




Their Highnesses will be having a 12th century Kievan Rus Reign.





His Highness is happy with most anything for food and beverages.

Her Highness

Food Likes: Cheese (munster, baked brie, Colby jack, cheddar,) Most meats, fresh cooked veggies, fresh fruits (strawberries, bananas, green grapes, oranges, apples, pineapple), miracle whip and mustard for sandwsandiches. Sweets (little debbies, soft cookies, cakes, chocolate, pastries, the list goes on mmmmm)

Food Dislikes: flowers! Mayonnaise (or mayonnaise based foods) Green Olives, Fish, seafood, shellfish, Anise/licorice, stinky cheese (especially blue cheese!)

Drink likes: Bottled water (preferably not aquafina or dasani.), Smart Water, plain orange Gatorade, V8, coffee (sometimes when she does, with raw sugar and ½ and ½ ), occasionally real coke, semi-dry white wine, most beer(nothing really hoppy)

Drink dislikes: Sweet alcohol (mead, sweet wine), hoppy beer.

Please refrain from giving the boys food especially Balian without first checking with either Their Highnesses, or the entourage member aiding their highnesses at the event. Neither have any known allergies.

Staush, age 4, likes fresh fruit, the same as her highness has listed and Colby jack cheese. He also enjoys goldfish crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (made with creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly) wheat thins, kraft mac and cheese.

Balian 16 months, likes his mom. Please do not give him any food without permission from their Highnesses, or the entourage with them, specifically her highness if available.

Allergies: Her highness Emelyne is allergic to flowers. The worst being Lavender, Rose, and Jasmine; she is affected both by contact and in the air. (Not anaphylactic just irritation red skin, running eyes, congestion, and sneezing)




His Highness
Likes: Cool things, metal working, casting, woodworking.
Dislikes: Not cool things

Her Highness
Embroidery, illumination, learning new things and her kids.
Favorite color: Blue

Staush: coloring, playing outside, books, making things, playing with other children, kites.

Balian: playing, walking (toddle around) and he loves being outside and exploring his world. He is also very bad about putting anything he gets into his mouth so please no toys smaller than his hand.


Items for Largesse


Their Highnesses would like to support the artists and craftsmen of our wonderful kingdom both in largesse items and when giving gifts to other Royalty.

Some items they would to ask for are period toys for the children of Meridies as well as glass beads, trim and other period items.


Gift Ideas


If you wish to honor Their Highnesses with a gift, please consider
their personal personas and devices.

Mordan Peresenchenev is a Rus persona. His device coming soon.

Emelyne Beuflour is 14th century, English. Her device can be seen here.


Contact Information


TRH Mordan & Emelyne
Jon Moore & Bridget Dohaney

Travel Coordinator: Viscountess Melyssande Dunn
MKA: Kendra Greathouse

Chancellor: Duke Seth of Newcastle
MKA: Seth Howard

Phone numbers available through e-mail request.