Crown Lyst – 27 May 2018

Wow, where to begin?

Crown list is always a tournament like no other, and this one proved to break the mold. The prowess of Meridian fighters is above the international scale, and Her Highness and I could not be more proud. The A&S entries, as always, are breathtaking, with out-of-Kingdom compliments left and right for the skills of our artists. Arts/Crown hatched as a wild idea that has been supremely successful.

Being Royalty in Meridies is an honor and one We do not take lightly. We are forever grateful for the support and love that has poured out thus far. We live in a vibrant kingdom with incredible people we consider family.

Thank you so much for believing. Without the populace to inspire, there is no Kingdom to rule (potentially). Thank you so much for being a part of the dream and making ours come true. We promise to return the favor by doing everything in our power to make our Populace’s dreams come true. It goes without saying we look forward to spending more time with our populace in many aspects of Meridian life.

This is a late night and overdue missive, but thank you for reading!


Adhemar & Gwen