Arabian Nights – 7 July 2018

An exhausting week with some car troubles and busy mundane work makes this missive a bit late. Thank you to you all for our excellent time at Arabian Nights this past weekend. As always our coastal family creates a magical and special event for the populace.

To say this event was relaxing is an understatement. Excellent vendors aplenty, fun fighting, Cut & Thrust tournament, Melee tournament, all made for a fun day! I’m proud to admit while participating in the 3-man melee I was nearly ruined to mortal fate with a 6 foot shovel (or pizza transport spatula, I’m not sure which) but it made for a memorable end to the tournament for myself and my team, which did spectacularly. Thank you for running an excellent and fun set of tournaments throughout the day.

Feast might go down as one of the most competitive in history. Not just for the excellent food, but for the number of tiny catapults at each table with which the populace proceeded to fling my greatest edible nemesis, olives, with no discretion all about the feast hall. Certainly a more memorable and more productive feast will not soon be had!

Again thank you all for the wonderful event, the air conditioning, and cherished memories.

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar