Castle Wars

Castle wars. One of our two most treasured inner kingdom war events. I am partial for this event having given it about 9 attempts at MIC. A huge Thank you to South Downs for hosting such a great event again, having spent many many years in that barony we know each of them so well and it was great to spend time with many old faces and we have really enjoyed getting to know some of the newer members. Thank you for everything.

Unto her Majesty Æthelmearc (Anna) and the Princess of Æthelmearc (Deb). You two are an absolute riot, I enjoyed all the various conversations that spanned such a wide range of topics. Kim Possible, I reached out the Raven spittle and told them you said Hi and that we were hanging out a bit Minibar echoed what we already know “Yay! She is awesome!”. Your Highness Æthelmearc we look forward to meeting you your Prince at Pennsic, we certainly hope nothing befalls our lovely Queen and King but if by chance we both sit upon the thrones I hope we can spend a good bit of time together and share in our customs and activities.. (*Cough* fairy war *Cough*) thank you for the laughs and memories, here is to more to come.

As many of you may have noticed their highnesses have a special place in their hearts for children and newcomers (Yes his Highness does have a heart). So when their Majesties sat down with us so we could plan how to divide and conquer responsibilities at castle wars we leap at the opportunity to get to spend time with both of our favorite groups. So I’ll start there with my thanks. To the Ministry of Children, Thank you for having us! The kids looked like they were having such a great time, several of the boys and girls were sharing their roses to other kids to ensure they got roses and a few of them made sure her highness and I had them too. We are thankful for our next generation of scadians. To the newcomer’s camp Represented by Countess Ysmay (Stephanie) and Count Tim (Tim) and their amazing crew for allowing us the chance to sit and dine with the newcomer camp and to be introduced to such a great new group of people. They looked like they were having a really great time and I am so very thankful that it is a memory that we will cherish from now forward. We hope to have a chance to spend more time with those who camped with you at future events, each and every one of you is welcome to hang out with us under the royal pavilion. So please come out and say hi again in the future! we will certainly be on the lookout for you. A special thanks to Marianna for a wonderful newcomer lunch and for Count Tim’s fantastic dinner, great food and brilliant company is hard to pass up! Huge thanks to Bloody Ridge (Darin) and (Brian) for putting up with not one but TWO sets of royals for the weekend, you are always such a fun loving, laid back and kind place to be. You make any event a home and the kingdom is greater with your presence, hospitality and kindness.

Though we were not present we have it on good authority from many of our entourage that Braum (Austin) Cooked a great feast and was enjoyed by many. My hat is off to him, cooking for a large group of people is daunting and difficult.

Our thanks to Mistress Seraphina (Kimberly) And Master Lorenzo Petrucci for helping everyone dance at the Ball. It is wonderful how patient you are with everyone and how much fun you made in including all our silly mistakes and antics. Being bad at dancing is easy, being good at dancing is difficult. Having fun while doing either is priceless. Thank you for everything.

Castle wars is like many wars in the SCA where its a war with battles that have no losers. Sure we compete and we announce a victor but at the end of the day, we all win. We have had fun, we have grown friendships and we have created memories. This weekend was a fantastic time and we are so thankful for being part of so many lasting memories. Congratulations to Syr Finnvaror Finnbogason (Gilbert) and Master Davio (David) on great works recognized for deeds long done and continued. I expect you both will continue to build upon the legends of old and grow our community more by passing on your knowledge and skill. You are all great men. There were many great awards given out this weekend, one should take a look at the court report to see all the lovely members of our community who were honoured for actions they have been performing. It is good to see so many get recognized for their great deeds.

Her highness would like to specially thank the courtesans’ group (Justina) for hosting their meet and greet. So that she could learn more about your goals, desires and to just have a great time. She cant wait until you all can meet again and work toward adding more pretty to the world.

We are so grateful for so many amazing people who have given us their time, their knowledge and their service. We are humbled and look forward to many many more fantastic events to come.

Princess Morgan of Meridies
Prince Sebastianos of Meridies


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