Panhandle Skirmishes

Wow what a fantastic weekend, we journeyed down to Panhandle Skirmishes for several days of fun and amazing hospitality by our Trimarian cousins. The weather was kind with only a small reminder that rain is common place on the coast. We got to hang out with some lovely people. Getting to know her Highness Catherine Furnier was such a delight. We enjoyed getting to spend time with her. There were a number of Challenges of personal combat on both the Rapier and Heavy fields, they were a blast to watch. The combatants showed the best of both our kingdoms grace, prowess and courtesy. His Grace Kurn led us through several new scenarios and everyone seemed like they had a Fantastic time, we saw lots of smiles, well wishes and glorious moments. We saw many of our society’s archers enjoying a long range to shoot upon, and with such lovely weather it looked like they were having a really good time.

A big thanks to House Excelsior for a great party and wonderful entertainment, we all know the amount of work it takes to throw a party and you guys keep the bar high as to what a party should look like while making what we all know is tremendous work look so effortless. Everyone at Panhandle benefited greatly from your kindness and generosity.

A Special thanks to their Excellencies OldenFeld Baron Charles Ashton and Baroness Aurelia Cassia, their barony was gracious and wonderful. We felt so welcome and had such a lovely time. It was great to meet your kind people and we look forward to spending time again with you in the future.

And last but not least I felt that I should mention that I got to meet one of Trimaris’ youth combat fighters. He was a great young man who portrayed the best of what we look for in our society, he was a bold fighter, a very polite young man out of armour. At the early stages of the party we even had a chance to play a Viking castle game with sticks. Cunning that one, I look forward to seeing him on the field as he gets older.

In closing we are thankful for the relationships we build in the SCA and the memories shared. Thanks to everyone who was a part of that. We look forward to seeing everyone at Menhir!

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