Panhandle Skirmishes

Wow what a fantastic weekend, we journeyed down to Panhandle Skirmishes for several days of fun and amazing hospitality by our Trimarian cousins. The weather was kind with only a small reminder that rain is common place on the coast. We got to hang out with some lovely people. Getting to know her Highness Catherine … [Read more…]

Castle Wars

Castle wars. One of our two most treasured inner kingdom war events. I am partial for this event having given it about 9 attempts at MIC. A huge Thank you to South Downs for hosting such a great event again, having spent many many years in that barony we know each of them so well … [Read more…]


Greetings and Welcome to the Official Website for the Meridian Heirs,  Morgan Filla Starre and Sebastianos Ionnides of Ean Airgead. We are humbled and honored by this opportunity to serve Meridies . We look forward to having a great time, meeting new people and building new memories with old friends. We are busy pulling together … [Read more…]