In just a few short weeks, we can welcome the cooler days of autumn when all thoughts turn towards Gulf Wars! Trimaris and Meridies are combining their Wednesday night socials and our party organizers are already hard at work creating an amazing spectacle. House Hounds’ Bridge is hosting a unique fundraiser for the needed funds. Be sure to check the Kingdom FB group for more information.

To Our great happiness, members of the populace have asked how they can support Us. For those who are inclined, We are in need of largesse and royal gifts. The list of requested items is here. https://heirs.meridies.org/largesse/ . If your talents lean toward something not on this list, please let us know. We treasure all of the diverse skills of our wonderful populace. To everyone, We would be most pleased by seeing Meridies’ most treasured tradition continue in abundance – generously given service.

Prince Boru and Princess Fianna